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    Research has shown that more than 100 hours are uploaded to YouTube every minute. By using these a substantial amount of video content it is easy for the video to get lost from the crowd rather than attract any viewers.

    The good thing is that you have a number of tricks used to improve the volume of people who watch your video. Are you wondering which these tricks are? These are:

    Employ SEO

    Yes. SEO is not only tightly related to information; you can also utilize it inside your videos. You should begin by researching the keyword that numerous are featured in searching for content which is associated with your niche.

    It's probable that you have many tools available that you may use. Discover prepared to spend cash in niche research, you need to use Google Keyword Planner. The tool isn't just free, however it is also very effective.

    For ideal results, you need to utilize long tail keywords. After identifying the most used keywords you should place them in the title, description, and tags of the video.

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    Best time sensitive

    Is there a topic within your niche that people are speaking about? Then you should create a YouTube video about this. As an example, individuals have been talking about Ebola. If one makes health videos, you must produce a top quality and informative video on Ebola and post it on YouTube.

    Even if you not get a large amount of views after people stop discussing the topic, you will have achieved immediate results the ones could have known you.

    Some of the topics which are time sensitive include: world news, top songs, and celeb gossip.

    String your videos

    When I watch a good video, I usually search for another created by the identical person. Now don't you perform the same task too?

    You need to take advantage of this behavior by stringing your videos together so that when somebody finishes watching one of the videos, the next from the playlist starts automatically. This raises the chances of your poorly watched videos to have many views.

    Improve your Google+ presence

    Did you know that everything you do online ties into the Google+ profile? To develop a good YouTube viewership you'll need to be participating in Google+. This requires that you combine visitors to your circles, follow more pages, and interact more.

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